Disappointed Over the Decision on Comments

July 16, 2020

Dear editors:

I am very disappointed with the decision to remove comments from Inside Higher Ed articles, as this removes a critically important communication option that distinguished you from the Chronicle. While I never/rarely commented, I really liked reading both articles and comments, even if one had to read/weed through to get to the useful ones. I really hope this decision is reversed, else I am unlikely to read IHE anymore.

Letters to the editor are just not the same. We need free and open dialogue as a community more than ever. Perhaps you could consider getting volunteer moderators or some other solution to problematic comments/trolls if that's the reason. I really wish as a longtime fan of your site, we had had a say in this decision. 

Thanks for your consideration and for being a forum both that informs and allowed all interested in higher education to participate in discussing important issues facing us, particularly now, in the context of a worldwide pandemic. 

--Sarah Ullman

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