The death of Appalachian State University sophomore Chad Dorrill is among the first reported since many colleges across the country resumed in-person instruction this fall.
The University of Kentucky has seen 103 cases of COVID-19 among employees. What accounts for those numbers?
Should innovation and entrepreneurial achievement be considered as part of teaching, research and service?
Survey of undocumented college students finds high level of anxiety around finances and the students' legal status.
Community colleges serve a diverse array of students who tend to need more supports outside the classroom. But the typical success measurements in higher education don't capture any of that.
Liaison’s CEO, staff and partners illuminate how to grow applicant pools and boost enrollment—even during a pandemic.


Teaching and Learning, Transforming Teaching & Learning

Needed: A New Rehearsal Space for Democracy
General education represents the best and last chance for students to debate broad human problems, yet far too few institutions are giving them the opportunity, argue Andrew Delbanco and Jon Parrish Peede.
In-person instruction is more important than ever as our nation wrestles not only with a pandemic but also with myriad crises, write Viviana Geron, a student, and Marie Lynn Miranda, a provost.

Career Advice

Alexander Astin outlines some specific pedagogical practices that might enhance student involvement online and warns against a course content approach.
From a fear of failure to concerns they’ve been out of school too long, adults returning for more education and training can doubt their ability to succeed. Here are resources for institutions that want to ease the transition.


Conversations on Diversity

September 30, 2020
A need for people skilled in conversation to bridge the divide between spirituality and civic engagement.

Rethinking Higher Education

September 30, 2020
Detaching quality from inputs while also unbundling the notion that there is only one definition of quality.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

September 30, 2020
Recognizing colleagues whose work is infinitely harder right now.

Learning Innovation

September 29, 2020
Shifting norms?

Leadership in Higher Education

September 29, 2020
Five planks.

Higher Ed Gamma

September 29, 2020
The shortage of advisers and counselors is among our campuses’ weakest links.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

September 28, 2020
The immediacy of the web can be a quality killer, and we don’t give campus web editors the time or support they need to craft succinct, compelling web content.

Just Visiting

September 27, 2020
Does America really need college football?

University of Venus

September 27, 2020
The research grants budget justification template.
Learn how four universities executed a digital-first strategy and how to create a digital roadmap for your institution. Access the IDC white paper here.

The Key Podcast

The pandemic has brought new urgency to the creation of a learner record system, which could help students more smoothly transfer between colleges and find a job.

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