Scholars discuss what it’s like to be a Black professor in 2020, who should be doing antiracist work on campus and why diversity interventions that attempt to “fix” Black academics for a rigged game miss the point entirely.


Department of Education issues report accusing colleges of "pervasive noncompliance" with federal law requiring reporting of foreign-sourced gifts and contracts.
Marygrove College's library collection has been digitized and is available on the Internet Archive's website -- even as the organization battles a high-profile court case.
Colleges say new rules on H-1B visas from Trump administration would make it hard if not impossible to retain international researchers and professors.
New research on how some free college programs affect enrollment is promising. But it comes at a time when some of these programs are being scaled back due to the pandemic.
University will shift most classes to remote learning and let students go home if they choose. Midwestern mayors (and Maryland students) wary of football crowds. Cortland stays virtual amid stubborn case count.
How to invest wisely in secure, scalable online educational tools that are easy to use and intuitive to learn during a pandemic—and far beyond.


Teaching and Learning, Transforming Teaching & Learning

The Need to Combat a False Growth Mind-Set
Misperceptions among college instructors about the concept may actually be harming some students in their moments of greatest need, warns Omid Fotuhi.

Career Advice

Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, a biology professor, explains how improv training rescued her in the classroom.
Byron Stewart describes how he uses shortcuts to help build classroom community and help students who are strangers become a close-knit team.
Four ways educators can use skills to engage more learners and employers.


Learning Innovation

October 20, 2020
Will COVID-19 open up new academic leadership opportunities?

University of Venus

October 19, 2020
What will you do on Nov. 4?

Higher Ed Gamma

October 19, 2020
An academics-only education might not leave students drowning in debt -- but it’s not right for most students.
With a commitment to diversity, hands-on learning, and student support, Marymount University is poised to thrive.

The Key Podcast

As higher education faces a potential exodus of students -- particularly lower-income students who attend community colleges -- what role could creative financing play in helping students bridge the gap from college to a career?

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