Assessment and Accountability, Faculty

New study says student evaluations of teaching are still deeply flawed measures of teaching effectiveness, even when we assume they are unbiased and reliable.

Online and Blended Learning

New online learning stats show growing demand for online programs across state lines and shed new light on in-state online enrollments.

Assessment and Accountability

Freed by new U.S. rules, the accrediting agency for California, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands will review colleges outside its region -- the first regional accreditor to make such a move.
New Jersey is trying to expand its tuition-free program from community colleges to four-year institutions. In this major exporter of students, the move could have ripple effects for colleges in nearby states.
Government wants private universities and branch campuses of international universities to open up … primarily to serve foreign students.


What should leaders be doing to prepare their colleges if the situation worsens? Chuck Staben offers suggestions.

Career Advice

Marc Muneal's experience at a corporate trade show made him realize it's time to rethink academic travel and professional development.
Discover how real students, legal experts, sexual assault prevention leaders, and instructional designers consulted with Kognito — a leader in conversation simulations — to create a first-of-its-kind training program to help foster safer campus communities.



February 27, 2020
A case study from Northwestern University.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 27, 2020
Small change, large consequences.

Learning Innovation

February 26, 2020
What will happen to your personal library, as well as everything else that your kids won't want?

Online: Trending Now

February 26, 2020
What if the learning and engagement from a single class offering were not to stop with the semester -- if instead it continued throughout a career?

Rethinking Higher Education

February 26, 2020
If we're entering the age of a 60-year curriculum, we will need to do some things differently.

Digital Tweed

February 25, 2020
Has your institution increased its investments in analytics in recent years? How’s that working out for you? Two recent surveys suggest that for many institutions, the investment is not working out very well.

University of Venus

February 24, 2020
What are your best tips for taking time for lunch?
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