San Diego State's provost resigns suddenly, and an unusual email he wrote to a former professor surfaces.
U.S. (again) pushes back controversial regulation requiring online programs to gain approval from states in which they operate, this time to 2020.
Facing enrollment declines and deficits, the SIT Graduate Institute makes big changes. But unlike other institutions in similar straits, it has a global network of scholars and campus sites at its disposal.  
Eyebrows are raised over spending more than a quarter of a billion dollars on a facility that would serve a small share of the students.maybe give more edge to main headline? ""$270M for a Football Complex ... at Northwestern." and then: Eyesbrows are raised over spending more than quarter of a billion dollars on facility to serve small share of students. changed" -sj 


Scott McLemee on a surprising aspect of Amy Werbel's Lust on Trial: Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock.

Career Advice

Bedelia Nicola Richards highlights five questions you should ask yourself to determine if that's the case.
Due to a unique model of educational opportunity, young women in Qatar are being encouraged to enter and compete within the traditionally male-dominated fields of STEM 


Just Visiting

May 24, 2018
I think I denied students access to the best parts about writing for too long.

Technology and Learning

May 24, 2018
And why this would be good for both universities and for lifelong learners.


May 24, 2018
Lived experience as a source of authority.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

May 24, 2018
Time for a new approach.  

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

May 24, 2018
Why devoting 20 minutes to your university’s 280 characters isn’t asking too much. 

Library Babel Fish

May 23, 2018
My reasons why it makes no sense at all to scrap majors to prepare students for the “future of work.”

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