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Our Insider Membership program offers professional development resources, opportunities to connect with Inside Higher Ed leadership and readers, early access to publications and discounts on Inside Higher Ed products. Plus, support Inside Higher Ed's robust journalism and our dedication to providing free access to all of our daily news and opinion content. Become an Insider today and access over $500 worth of benefits for only $119 a year. 


Special Report: Alternative Credentials

One of the most popular Inside Higher Ed special reportsAlternative Credentials and Emerging Pathways Between Education and Work, is now available for free as an Insider benefit ($129 value). Higher ed is pouring time and resources into developing a wide range of alternative credentials, including certificates and industry certifications, apprenticeships, digital badges, microcredentials and lower-cost online master’s degrees. Includes a new foreword from Co-Founder and Editor Doug Lederman. Get access to the information you need to know to stay informed about this burgeoning subject area.


On-Demand Webinar: Student and Faculty Mental Health In the Age of COVID-19, the Recession, and Black Lives Matter Movement
Student and employee mental health are at the top of presidents' list of short-term concerns related to COVID-19, the recession and the Black Lives Matter movement. Inside Higher Ed editors discuss what higher ed is doing to help their community members and what remains unaddressed, in an Insiders-only webcast recorded on Thursday, August 13, and now available on-demand.

Special Report: The Growing Role of Mergers

One of the most prescient Inside Higher Ed special reportsThe Growing Role of Mergers in Higher Ed, is now available for free as an Insider benefit ($149 value). Demographic and economic realities are leading more colleges to consider joining forces, and this in-depth guide provides lessons learned for why they have worked for some institutions and not for others. This trending topic is a must-read for higher ed leaders.


Two Part Series: In-Depth: Coronavirus Comes to U.S. Campuses and Coronavirus Disruptions Escalate 

Get our first and second coronavirus-focused compilations of time-sensitive news and opinion pieces that capture the need-to-know information about the pandemic in an easy-to-use format. Get prepared for summer and fall with insights into higher ed’s response to the pandemic.


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