Misplaced Layoffs at CUNY

July 13, 2020

Regarding your recent article on the City University of New York:

The bulk of those hit with layoffs at CUNY teach our students. There is no word of slimming down the overstuffed, overpaid and frequently incompetent administration. Colleges created “schools” in the past decade, requiring deans, their assistant deans, their staffs, office space and equipment … to what end? The student body had not grown exponentially. The full-time faculty certainly had not grown but the ability of the presidents to run their institutions was so faulty (and their turnover so frequent) that they needed a phalanx of administrators to protect them from faculty and students.

I taught for 55 years, 47 of which were in CUNY and despair at the expensive incompetence, the ballooning of the central administration after Gov. Pataki and Mayor Giuliani meddled in management in the '90s, and the multiplication of managerial posts in a vain effort to repair the mess.

--Sandi E. Cooper
Professor emerita of history
Former chair, University Faculty Senate

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