Mark J. Drozdowski

Now well past his thirties, Mark J. Drozdowski was born -- that’s why he’s here. His fascination with higher education began just after high school, when his parents kicked him out and told him to go to college. Admittedly not very bright, he managed to bribe enough people to graduate from Penn and earn a doctorate at Harvard. He’s since toiled in “institutional advancement” just so his relatives won’t know what he does. Now, as director of university communications at the University of New Haven, he spends most of his time explaining why the school isn’t, in fact, in New Haven (he’s also discovered, quite by accident, that the University of Delaware is actually located in Idaho). In his spare time, Mark enjoys life with his wife, three kids, cat and fecally fecund Beagle, cashew halves, 1 percent milk and playing Slim Whitman’s Greatest Hits on an endless loop. The opinions expressed in this column are entirely someone else’s.

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Most Recent Articles

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May 10, 2013
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February 15, 2013
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December 21, 2012
As "The Office" prepares to end its long run, Mark Drozdowski looks at how Cornell University will cope with the departure of one of its most famous faux alumni.
September 21, 2012
Given that they aren't paid like Wall Streeters, college professors and administrators care deeply about their titles -- which makes them prime fodder for Mark Drozdowski.
June 29, 2012
In the debut of a new humor column, Mark J. Drozdowski describes his difficulties training for the circus life.
April 9, 2010
Forget the formal guidelines and codes: Mark Drozdowski offers a real-time method for judging the quality of your (and your employees') moral compass.


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