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Virtual Learning Will Be Better This Fall. Right?

As colleges head toward the remote fall they dreaded, they must deliver a more compelling learning experience than last spring's. Most think it will be better, but it may not give students what they crave.

Rethinking Effective Student Learning Experiences

Patrick T. Terenzini describes six characteristics that, based on decades of research, have been found to cultivate and promote student learning.

Preparing for a Fall Without In-Person Classes

If campuses are still off-limits to students come September, this spring's version of remote learning won't suffice. Some colleges are preparing (quietly) to deliver better online learning at scale if needed.

How College Students Viewed This Spring's Remote Learning

A professor's in-depth survey of students before and after courses went virtual offers insights into how colleges can improve. The key elements: a thoughtful mix of flexibility and structure.

Best Way to Stop Cheating
in Online Courses? ‘Teach Better’

Professors believe students cheat more online, and colleges ramped up use of detection tools amid shift to remote instruction this spring. Better assessment and student engagement would be more effective, experts say.


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