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Challenges of the Socially Distanced Classroom

Professors' experiment suggests the limits of on-campus, hybrid instruction this fall. Big Ten universities expand sharing of online courses.

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What Worked This Spring? Well-Designed and -Delivered Courses

Professors and students alike viewed their remote learning experience most favorably this spring when their courses incorporated more "best practices." That's the path to making the inevitable virtual education better this fall.

Teaching One Side of the Story

That isn’t education -- it’s indoctrination, writes Jonathan Zimmerman, who warns against imposing a singular interpretation or ideology that prevents a true and honest education around race.

Yes, Your Zoom Teaching Can Be First-Rate

Stephen Hersh, a faculty member and former advertising executive, outlines six steps for how you can create a community of active learning online if you "use the medium."

Not All Online Experiences Are Equal

Rob Weir gives advice for rethinking online education as no longer an emergency exception but what may be the norm in coming months.

Why Normal Arguments for Online Education Don't Apply Right Now

"What Mr. Kim ignores in defense of his focus is that we are now asking bus drivers to fly airplanes."


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