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The Dark, Challenging and Fun Future

Bryan Alexander's new book, Academia Next, attempts to predict the future of higher education. We asked him a few questions about what's in store.

Going Online With a Learning Disability

Landmark College, the first institution for students with learning disabilities, is growing online courses. Here's how they're different.

Hasty Departure for Head
of Calif.'s New Online College

After less than a year on the job, Heather Hiles is stepping down as CEO of Calbright College, California's new online-only community college.

An EdX Bachelor’s Degree?

With the launch of MicroBachelors, MOOC platform edX lays the groundwork for a fully online undergraduate degree taught by multiple universities.

Sharing Frank Feedback

Macmillan Learning took the unusual step of sharing early faculty feedback on a product not yet ready for prime time. Could the publisher’s openness differentiate it from competitors?


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