Transforming Teaching & Learning

Challenges of the Socially Distanced Classroom

Professors' experiment suggests the limits of on-campus, hybrid instruction this fall. Big Ten universities expand sharing of online courses.

Transforming Teaching & Learning Archive

Experiencing COVID-Style Classroom Teaching

Christine I. McClure shares her firsthand experiences and observations teaching an in-person class this summer.

Snapchat, Instagram and Other Unexpected Guests in Class

Kevin Dougherty and Jesse DeDeyne documented how students used their cellphones during a sociology class last fall (spoiler: texting friends and checking Snapchat) and discuss how they'll change their teaching in response.

Ideas for a Fluid Fall: Readers Respond

To the extent colleges offer virtual learning this fall, should professors take their students into virtual worlds? That and other ideas and questions from readers.

On ‘Difficult’ Conversations

Framing discussions as such further marginalizes diverse students by labeling them as promoting identity politics when, in fact, all course content reflects identity politics, argues Derisa Grant.

A Dozen-Plus Ways You Can Foster
Educational Equity

Non-Black faculty members have the power to help dismantle educational inequities, argue Viji Sathy, Kelly A. Hogan and Calvin M. Sims, and they suggest some practical ways for how to start.


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