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The State of Online Education, Before Coronavirus

Six in 10 online learning administrators say their campuses require professors to train before teaching online -- but 70 percent say students aren't formally prepared to study virtually.

For the Love of Learning

As faculty members transition to distance learning, Melissa Dennihy offers five suggestions for how to find and make the most of the opportunities that online instruction can offer.

Keep Calm and Keep Teaching

Shifting unexpectedly to remote instruction requires as many human solutions as technology solutions, Jody Greene writes.

Will Shift to Remote Teaching Be Boon or Bane for Online Learning?

Because of COVID-19, most professors and students suddenly find themselves forced to use technology as they teach and learn. A panel of experts explores whether that will help or hurt attitudes about online education.

‘As Human as Possible’

Suddenly trying to teach humanities courses online? Mind your presence, ask good questions and manage expectations, experts say.


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