Transforming Teaching & Learning

Crisis and Opportunity for Faculty Development

A professor put in charge of her campus's tiny teaching center in the midst of the pandemic discusses the problems and potential of tapping in to fellow faculty members' newfound thirst to get better.

Transforming Teaching & Learning Archive

The Best in Education Wasn’t Lost When Colleges Went Online

Even as we acknowledge the struggles of college teachers to help students learn and grow under this spring’s difficult circumstances, another side of the story needs to be told, writes Austin Sarat.

How College Students Viewed This Spring's Remote Learning

A professor's in-depth survey of students before and after courses went virtual offers insights into how colleges can improve. The key elements: a thoughtful mix of flexibility and structure.

Turning Remote Education
Into Online Education This Fall

Students’ expectations will be higher this fall. Here’s how college leaders and professors can ensure a high-quality virtual learning experience, Elizabeth Johnson writes.

A Playbook for a Second-Choice Fall

If physical campuses cannot open, here's how colleges can replicate what makes their in-person experience so valuable, according to the research firm Eduventures.

The HyFlex Option for Instruction if Campuses Open This Fall

The HyFlex course model is getting buzz as one way colleges could educate students if their campuses are open but physical distancing remains. A panel of experts discusses the pros and cons.


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