May 02, 2019
New study of computer scientists says that when it comes to research output, where Ph.D.s get hired matters more than where they trained.


January 9, 2013

Adjunct faculty make up most of the higher education work force, but their working conditions largely don't reflect their role. Is reform on a wide scale possible? What will it take?

November 29, 2012

Survey finds applications are up, applications per student are up and old formulas about who will enroll don't work anymore. But for all the hysteria on admissions, study documents that most colleges still admit most applicants.

November 27, 2012

Videos and other material making postsecondary education seem accessible appear to encourage college-going behaviors, study finds.

October 11, 2012

Study finds a significant decline over the last 20 years in number of institutions whose missions align with the sector.

October 20, 2011

While some new data indicate trends giving anxiety to competitive students, most colleges continue to admit most applicants.


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