Sep 10, 2020
Jessica Krug resigns from George Washington as a graduate student from her alma mater also admits to being dishonest about racial identity.


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October 3, 2019

Read the Inside Higher Ed comments and think again, says Robyn Schlesinger.

October 1, 2019

For second time this year, federal court rules that University of Iowa breached group's First Amendment rights by de-registering it. This time, judge says individual administrators could be liable.

September 20, 2019

Anglo-Saxon studies group says it will change its name amid bigger complaints about where the field is going -- or isn't.

September 11, 2019

Department of Justice lifts restriction on capital financing for faith-based historically black colleges -- part of White House effort to show commitment to HBCUs. But it's not clear how many colleges have been denied funding.

September 5, 2019

Some students view term as racist.

August 27, 2019

Star scholar of minority-serving institutions Marybeth Gasman was accused of fostering a hypersexualized and racially insensitive climate in her research center.

August 12, 2019

Johns Hopkins fires professor over clash with student protesters, but he says he has no remorse for either the attack or being a "white male."

August 9, 2019

At Metropolitan State University, the Student Senate fell apart after continued internal disputes and arguments with the administration over vacant minority affairs positions.

July 23, 2019

We would do well to replace them with more tangible queries about teaching and mentoring, argues Alex Small.

July 2, 2019

Study finds colleges have made little progress on faculty diversity, particularly at research-intensive universities, despite more conversations about race and inclusion.


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