Community Colleges

Community Colleges
Jun 04, 2020
Amid widespread protests over another police killing of a black American, two-year systems in California and Virginia will reassess their major role in law enforcement training.
Oct 29, 2019
The tech company is looking for different ways to fill “new-collar” jobs in its 360,000-employee workforce by adding digital badges and apprenticeships and deepening partnerships with community colleges.


Jan. 21, 2020 -- Inside Higher Ed's 2019 Survey of Chief Academic Officers, conducted in association with Gallup, can be downloaded here, free.

Inside Higher Ed regularly surveys key higher ed professionals on a range of topics.

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"Guiding Students to Success at Community Colleges" is Inside Higher Ed's new print-on-demand compilation of articles.

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Confessions of a Community College Dean
August 6, 2020 - 2:00am

Any ideas for best ways to support anxious students when we're all off campus?

Confessions of a Community College Dean
August 4, 2020 - 2:00am

How to prevent layoffs in one easy step.


May 2, 2019

Governors State University president Elaine Maimon pens an open thank-you letter to a transformative English composition instructor at a community college.

May 2, 2019

A California community college is picking course schedules for students to encourage them to enroll full-time and reach graduation quicker.

April 30, 2019

New research finds that while food insecurity among college students is a serious problem, studies on the issue may not provide accurate estimates of its magnitude.

April 26, 2019

A new report challenges federal and state policy makers to increase funding for community colleges to improve social mobility.

April 17, 2019

The head of Connecticut's community college and university system will present more detailed plans for consolidating the management of the two-year colleges to the system's accreditor.

April 16, 2019

Colleges' personalized correspondence with students prompted higher enrollment in summer courses, according to a new MDRC study.

April 15, 2019

AACC is helping community colleges answer President Trump's call for more apprenticeship programs and partnerships with businesses.

April 12, 2019

Community college presidents believe they should be allowed to award bachelor's degree to reach students left behind by traditional four-year institutions. Growing evidence says they're right, Mary Alice McCarthy writes.

April 9, 2019

Community college students perform better and are more engaged when they have a positive attitude, or "growth mind-set," about learning and improving.

March 29, 2019

New research on Florida's remedial education law shows more students are taking and passing college-level courses. Despite the progress, researchers still see significant numbers of students failing and can't explain why.


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