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Students in great need of mental health support during pandemic - Sep 11

A mountain of troubling data about rising mental health problems has health advocates and providers worried about the need for additional support for struggling students and the ability of colleges to provide it.

Experts warn against closing residence halls, but some say it's not that simple - Sep 10

Top federal health experts worry colleges will spread coronavirus if they send students home, but keeping residence halls open poses its own dangers.

COVID-19 roundup: Colleges seek quarantine space; looking ahead to spring instruction - Sep 10

University of Tennessee will clear out a residence hall as it runs out of quarantine spots. Miami of Ohio will return students to campus despite 1,000 cases. Colleges announce spring instructional plans.

Community colleges pivot to support their vulnerable students - Sep 10

Two-year colleges worked quickly to help students get through the pandemic, pivoting to drive-through food banks and community partnerships.

What college presidents say about leading in the COVID-19 era - Sep 9

A singular focus on the current crisis won't do, higher education leaders say. Those in power at colleges and universities must find time to prepare their institutions for an unsettled future that looks very different from the old status quo.

COVID-19 roundup: Cuomo cites college cases; campuses enact all-student quarantines or send some home - Sep 9

N.Y. governor cites campus outbreaks and condemns party near NYU. Winona State and Bradley enact two-week campuswide quarantines, and Gettysburg and Ohio University reduce number of students on their campuses.

Scholars on strike for racial justice - Sep 9

Academics across the U.S. strike and teach for racial justice and an end to police violence against people of color.

What happens when college social media influencers get COVID-19? - Sep 9

YouTube stars Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight didn’t cast any blame on Baylor University when they contracted COVID-19. Will other students with large social media followings be so generous?

COVID-19 roundup: strike at Michigan, students suspended and modalities changed - Sep 8

Graduate students at the University of Michigan begin a work stoppage today. Four institutions go online and four hand out dozens of suspensions. The University of Alabama defends its strategy.

Across state universities in Illinois, testing capacity varies, as do reporting procedures - Sep 8

Public universities in Illinois vary in their COVID-testing capacity and reporting protocols, raising questions about how complete a picture some campuses may have of the rate of infection.

County health officials pressure local colleges on COVID-19 policies, and campuses push back - Sep 8

Campus leaders in Kansas, Michigan and Texas face pressure from local health authorities to toughen COVID-19 restrictions, and some push back.

Can small scale overcome limited resources at small colleges reporting coronavirus cases on campus? - Sep 8

Small colleges are seeing their share of COVID-19 outbreaks. Will small scale make containment easier than it's proving to be at large universities with more resources?

Have colleges seized or missed an opportunity to improve remote learning? (opinion) - Sep 4

Too few seized this fall’s unique opportunity to truly reimagine how they offer virtual education, and student dissatisfaction -- and ultimately budget pain -- are likely to follow, Ryan Craig writes.

Fauci Urges Colleges Not to Send Students Home - Sep 4

As some colleges close residence halls and send students back home to communities, Dr. Anthony Fauci is expressing concern about inadvertently spreading the virus.

COVID-19 Roundup: Cases mount as do worries about infected athletes - Sep 4

More colleges and universities report hundreds of positive cases; report about myocarditis in college athletes as some big-time football programs withhold COVID-19 numbers.

University of Michigan faculty say administration has not been transparent - Sep 4

University of Michigan faculty members say administrators have not been transparent about reopening decisions.

State politics influenced college reopening plans, data show - Sep 3

New analysis found that a college's reopening decision for the fall term is tied to the red or blue shade of its state, even if political pressure may not be direct.

Do student suspensions violate rights or protect others? - Sep 3

Civil liberties advocates are concerned students are being unfairly suspended or placed on probation for violations of college health and safety rules related to the pandemic. But student affairs administrators say their actions are within their power to protect their campuses.

COVID-19 Roundup: High case counts at big universities; all-student quarantine; no fans at Iowa State after all - Sep 3

As classes resume at Southeastern universities, positive cases soar; Gettysburg quarantines all students; Iowa State reverses course and won't allow fans at football opener.

Iowa grad students and faculty stage 'sickout' to protest campus reopening plan - Sep 3

University of Iowa students and faculty members stage “sickout” to protest campus reopening plan.

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