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COVID-19 roundup: fall strategy shifts in waves; 'zero' mortality risk for students? - Aug 6

Institutions in New Jersey and Massachusetts revert to mostly virtual instruction; Purdue's president sees "zero lethal risk" to students; instructional and living alternatives crop up.

Athletes call on leaders to make right decision about fall season - Aug 6

Division I NCAA and college leaders are responding to pressure from players to prioritize their health during the coronavirus pandemic. Some leaders have decided that fall athletic competition isn't safe and canceled the season, while others are holding out hope they can still play this year.

Pac-12 players threaten to boycott football games - Aug 5

Football players in the Pac-12 Conference are unconvinced by their institutions' coronavirus safety measures and are refusing to play until demands for safer health policies and racial justice are met. 

Pandemic's impact on eight learners and their education and work plans - Aug 4

How the crisis is affecting eight learners and their education and work plans.

Apparent death hoax rocks Science Twitter - Aug 4

Scholars mourned the COVID-19-related death of a scientist who said she’d been forced to teach during the pandemic. Then they realized she probably wasn’t real.

Congress aid discriminates against colleges serving minorities, groups warn - Aug 3

Several advocacy groups said the method Congress is considering using to distribute additional coronavirus aid shortchanges colleges that serve students of color.

Some campuses resume campus tours, with many changes - Aug 3

Colleges say that, with changes, they can be operated safely. But many colleges are staying virtual.

Students asked to sign liability waivers to return to campus - Aug 3

As fall semester approaches, students are increasingly opposing liability waivers and "informed consent" agreements required by colleges as a condition of returning to campus.

Study recommends testing students every two days, college football players push back and more COVID news - Aug 3

Experts say study offers "wake-up call" as to whether colleges are planning enough testing. Players push back on planned football season, and another college lays off faculty.

UNC Chapel Hill faculty to students: stay home - Aug 3

Frustrated with their university's plans for fall, including full dorms, UNC Chapel Hill professors tell students to stay home.

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