Books and Publishing

Books and Publishing
Dec 04, 2019
Planned pricing changes by academic publisher Cengage have not gone down well with the National Association of College Stores.
Wendy Laura Belcher provides advice on how to make your article more acceptable to a journal.
Professor discusses his new book on the joy of teaching undergraduates.
Scott McLemee highlights some new and upcoming books that are relevant to the current border crisis.
Scott McLemee reviews Kate Eichhorn's The End of Forgetting: Growing Up With Social Media.
Promotion of research and related publications is now a shared enterprise among authors, publishers, libraries and universities, writes Christine Tulley, yet many authors are unaware of how to play an active role.
Scott McLemee reviews Glenn A. Albrecht's Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World.
Scott McLemee shares tributes to the late Mark Saunders, director of the University of Virginia Press.
Scott McLemee reviews Tracy Daugherty's Dante and the Early Astronomer: Science, Adventure and a Victorian Woman Who Opened the Heavens.
Blaming unsustainable price increases, librarians at the university reach out to faculty members and graduate students to draw up a list of 820 journal subscriptions to cancel.
Scott McLemee offers a roundup of books from this coming autumn's university press catalogs and more.
Cost is the No. 1 reason why colleges end their “big deals” with publishers, but not everyone thinks the agreements are really that expensive.
Authors discuss their new book on "moral mess" of higher education.



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